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The rules are estimated for a suit being booked at Apartamenty „ROK” Company.
The state of booking is an integral part of the renting a suit contract.
Everybody who makes the reservation accepts the state as well.



1. There is the possibility to book a suit at www.apartamentyrok.pl website by filling in and sending the application card. The answer will be sent in 24 hour`s time. If the suit is available and the resignation is confirmed the answer will say:

accept the temporary reservation..
The expenses of the stay:..........
Proszę w ciągu 2 dni o wpłatę zadatku w kwocie:.........

the account No. 03 1240 6508 1111 0010 2165 0711
Firma Handlowo-Usługowa Mirosław Kotowicz 78-100 KOŁOBRZEG, ul. Jedności Narodowej 50B
for the stay at Apartamenty „ROK” - suit....... (the name of the suit)
the period .... from .... till(dates of arrival and departure)

The reservation is cancelled in the absence of the prepayment untill the time-limit. Immediately your prepayment is entered in our books you will be informed and get the confirmation of the reservation.

2. The person booking a suit bears the consequences of giving false details in the application card.

3. Apartamenty „ROK” Company is not responsible for not having an access to the application card if the reasons (safety or other) do not depend on the Company.

4. Apartamenty „ROK” Co. has rights to suspend the access to www.apartamentyrok.pl website for the time needed to get rid of any treat and incorrectness.



1. PWe give VAT invoices on the request written in the application card as an additional notice. The details of the firm and NIP number are to be written in.

2. When entering the suit the client must pay a deposit of 400 PLN - 800 PLN. The deposit is paid back in the absence of any damage or devastation. The sum of deposited depends on the number of accommodated people in the suit and the duration of their stay .

3. The reservation is mode when the prepayment is transferred to the Apartamenty „ROK”Co. account in 2 days since the application card was sent. The prepayment sum depends on the number of accommodated people in the suit and the duration of their stay. The minimum prepayment is 300 PLN.

4. The prepayment is to be transferred to the account: with PLN No., 03 1240 6508 1111 0010 2165 0711. The owner of the account: Firma Handlowo – Usługowa Mirosław Kotowicz 78-100 KOŁOBRZEG, ul.Jedności Narodowej 50 B

5. Apartamenty „ROK”Co. renders the suits clean, well-equipped and well-furnished. Having noticed any flaws, disadvantages or requires referring to the cleanness let us know on the first day of the stay. Any complaints lodged after moving in the suit without noticed - will be rejected. It is obligatory for the quests who accepted the conditions of the suit to care for the suit. All flaws, disadvantages and dirtiness which are of the quests fault will have to be refunded by the guests.

6. There are sets of bed-clothes and towels in the suits. The bed-clothes change is made on the quests request but not more often than once a couple of weeks. The towels change is made also on the guests request once a week.

7. Smoking in the suit is strictly forbidden Apartamenty „ROK”Co. reserves the right to break the contract with all consequences mentioned in 6.2 point when the above rule is broken.

8. Night silence lasts from 22.00 hours until 06.00 hours. In relation to the person who breaks the silence, behaves inappropriately, disturbs other guests peace and does not behave according to the all good manners rules Apartamenty „ROK”Co. reserves the right to breaker the contract with all consequences mentioned in 6.2 point immediately after the guest has broken a rule of good behavior, night silence, law, order and has not borne any observation from the staff of the Company.


3. PAYMENT for additional service

1. Additional service ordered but not in duded in the contract (eeg.additional night`s lodging......e.t.c.) must be paid in the place of residence "ROK".

2. The legal tender is PLN as local currency. Prices in EURO and USD are being exchanged e into PLN according to the current NBP exchange rate.



1. The confirmation from Apartamenty „ROK” Co. is sent to the client`s e-mail address during 24 hours since it has been made by filling in the application card.

2. The confirmation from Apartamenty „ROK" Co. includes either details of the booked suit and term or information about missing free rooms in the certain term. The reservation is complied after receiving the confirmation.



1. Apartamenty „ROK” Co. commits itself to direct all efforts towards making service in scrupulous, honest and suitable way.

2. If any service is not made for Apartamenty „ROK”Co. fault the Company will pay back the payment (of undone service) what states the fulfillment all client’s claims.

3. The payment back as in point 2 mentored will be transferred to the client`s account not later than in t days since the day the client was going to take the service.

4. Apartamenty „ROK” Co. does not take the responsibility for any temporary inconvenience caused by the collaborating firms delivering media: water, heating, electric current e.t.c. and for any technical breaks to repair broken installation.

5. In case of any exceptional circumstances appear which come from nobody`s fault egg. nature disaster, strike or war and other unusual situation that make service impossible Apartamenty „ROK”Co. is released from any obligation to fulfill the contract.

6. Apartamenty „ROK”Co. does not take the responsibility for any inconvenience caused by necessary repairs, modernization or finishing building work that are being led out of the Company area. Any claims referring to the above inconvenience will be rejected.

7. The prices of the service being made by Apartamenty „ROK”Co. do not include insurance fee. Clients take service on their own risk. For any insure and damage (of health or other people property) and also for any luggage robbery Apartamenty „ROK”Co. also does not take any responsibility. We advise our clients to insure themselves before the arrival.

8. Apartamenty „ROK”Co. is not responsible for the noise cased e.e.g. by loud music or other events outside. Planning a stay at our place in Kolobrzeg particularly during summer holidays it is advisable to mind such inconvenience.

9. Apartamenty „ROK”Co. does not rent suit to guests being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In such cases Apartamenty „ROK”Co. is released from any obligation.

10. NOTICE - DEAR SIRS, to save Your valuable time we ask You to phone No.604 647 813 or 602 181 133 before the arrival to estimate the arrival time and the moving in hours.



1. Should the client cancel the resonation at any reason - Apartamenty „ROK”Co. does not pay back the prepayment unless the client finds anybody to take over the contract.

2. When the client arrives to late or leaves earlier than the contract states - Apartamenty „ROK”Co. does not refund the service not taken.

3. Apartamenty „ROK”Co. reserves the right to break the contract will all consequences as 6.2 point on the spot of exceeding the declared (in the application card) number of guests to be accommodated in the suit (without the staff member`s knowledge and agreement).



1. Making the reservation on the internet by www.apartamentyrok.pl, website Apartamenty „ROK”Co. the client agrees inserted the client`s personal details in the Company`s website data base. According to the law stated 29.08.1997 y. about protecting personal details - the details will only be used for making resonation or marketing aims. The client has right to insight and modernize the data base. Polish law is the proper law according to any litigation is to solve. The court of justice proper for Apartamenty „ROK”Co. makes the decision.


8. ACCEPTANCE of reservation conditions on the Internet and FINAL STATEMENT

1. The client understands and accepts the rules and regulations choosing and marking the option: "I accept the rules and regulations". If not - the act of continuing the reservation is impossible.


Apartamenty „ROK” Company`s intrinsic rules and regulations.

1. Present "Rules and Regulations" is the an integral part of the contract (between the client and Apartamenty „ROK” Co.) including the details concerning the client`s touristic accommodation.
2. The Reception is our guests protector, adviser and informant.
3. On the arrival day the person who comes to be accommodated at "Apartamenty ROK" residence is obliged to fulfill all formalities concerning the registration and to pay the climate fee for the whole stay at the Reception of Apartamenty „ROK” Co..
4. To be registered the guests are obliged to show the identity card whit the photo that states the person`s identity.
5. The stay start at 14.00 h. on the arrival day and finishes at 10.00 h. on the departure day.
6. People visiting our guests should leave the sunit before 22.00 hours.
7. From 22.00 h. till 6.00 h. night silence is obliged in the suits.
8. On the departure day the customer is obliged to clean up after himself and take the garbage out.
9. In the area of Apartamenty „ROK” Co. residence forbidden are:
- pstay people not being accommodated if their presence is not known to the Apartamenty „ROK” Co.`s staff,
- taking any equipment or furniture outside the suit,
- frying fish.
10. On the spot of: exceeding the declared number of staying people, stating any devastation or crass breaking cleanness in the suit the Reception has right and obligation to intervene including the contract breaking.
11. The client takes financial responsibility for all damage and lack of any equipment if the damage and the lack are made by the client or a person visiting the client during the contract lasts.
12. In case of any damage appears the client is obliged to notify the Reception about it as soon as the damage is noticed.
13. Apartamenty „ROK” Co. takes responsibility for any loss or damage of the things brought by the guests of the Company in the area of the law estimating the rules of art. 846 - 849 Civil Law Code.
14. Apartamenty „ROK” Co. does not take responsibility for any loss or damage of applied objects, valuables, jewellery, money etc. lift in the suit by the guest.
15. The amount due for the damage will be counted according the price fixing.
16. After every leaving the suit the guests are asked to lock the door.
17. The client is under the obligation to exploit the suit appropriately, not taking any its equipment or copying the keys given for the period of the stay.
18. In every respect of fire security the clients are asked not to use electric device such as: heaters, warmers, cookers, irons ..... . The guests are also obliged to comply with the fire - fighting regulations.
19. Smoking is forbidden in the suits and in the rest of the building.
20. The clients are under the obligation not to keep animals in the suits.
21. Parents or protectors are responsible for their children playing in Apartamenty „ROK” Co. area .
22. Apartamenty „ROK” Co. is not responsible for the accidents and incidents which happen in the area of the Company and which are not caused by the defects of the suits equipment.
23. Any claims and proposals as well as any noticed defects the guests are asked to submit to the Reception.
24. On the departure day the client is obligated to give the keys of the suit back to the Reception what makes the deposit be paid back to the client on condition that there are not any damage or devastation in the suit.
25. In case a client breaks any rule or regulation of present "Rules and Regulations" the cost of the breakages as: the expenses of an unsuited person`s stay, the expenses will be deducted from the client`s deposit. If the cost of breakages exceeds the deposit sum the client is obliged to cover the sum of the difference.
26. Apartamenty „ROK” Co. does not take responsibility for the client`s car`s damage or loss.
27. The Reception Manager is the person to decide at any matter that this "Rules and Regulations" does not include.




Apartamenty „ROK”:

ul. Jedności Narodowej 50B
78-100 Kołobrzeg, Polska
tel. 604 647 813 lub 602 181 133
e-mail: biuro@apartamentyrok.pl


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